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Metamod:Source uses rolling releases, and updates are continuous. Updates to stable versions of MM:S are small and non-disruptive. It is generally recommended to run the latest stable build, however, it is not necessarily urgent to upgrade when a newer build appears.

These are unstable, development MM:S builds. For stable builds, see this page instead.

Latest downloads for version 2.0 - build 1293:

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All Builds from 2.0 Branch

Build DownloadChange Details Src
1293 Trigger build for hl2sdk-l4d2 changes
1292 Trigger build for L4D2 changes (#180)
1291 Update HL2SDK Manifests Submodule
1290 Trigger build for hl2sdk-cs2 changes
1289 Fix brace alignment.
1288 Fix s1_sample_mm compilation on Windows and for Episode 1 and document build process.
1287 Update s1_sample_mm build instructions.
1286 Updated build instructions.
1285 Roll version in metamod_version.h
1284 Update hl2sdk-manifests
1283 Add RTLD_DEEPBIND flag for s2 plugins
1282 Shut msvc
1281 Trigger build for hl2sdk-cs2 changes
1280 Add missing parameter doc for ISmmAPI::GetServerFactory()
1279 Remove deprecated syntax for compatibility
1278 Improve s2_sample_mm build script
1277 Update sh_memory.h (tidy up things)
1276 Replace fscanf with faster parsing #2
1275 S2 Sample: fix Hook_ClientPutInServer message formatting
1274 Merge branch 'master' of
1272 S2 sample: fix memoverride path
1271 new SourceHook syntax for s2_sample_mm (#151)
1270 Update AMBuildScript
1269 Update AMBuildScript
1268 Update AMBuildScript
1267 Upgrade Python version in CI
1266 Update hl2sdk-manifests submodule
1265 S2 sample: Add `--hl2sdk-manifests` configure arg
1264 Remove s2 sample plugin hl2sdk-manifest submodule
1263 CS2: Add network_connections proto with new ambuild for updated sdk
1262 Move standard source 2 include source files in HL2Library
1261 Update s2 sample protoc usage for sdkhelpers update.
1260 Update S2 sample plugin to use hl2sdk-manifests, with its in-progress proto support
1259 Fix unescaped regex warning in build script
1258 Update amtl
1257 Fix MM:S no longer being to load on games built with old, incompatible libm (fixes #146)
1256 Fix IMetamodListener events in s2_sample_mm
1255 Fix MSVC 2017 build issues
1254 Fix build when no SDKs are specified (for running SourceHook tests)
1253 Replace csgo and dota CI targets with cs2
1252 Fix Linux CI not finding SDKs
1251 Merge pull request #142 from alliedmodders/psy/s2-safety-check
1249 Merge pull request #141 from noahbkim/fix-provider_source2
1247 Merge pull request #140 from noahbkim/feature/disable-auto-versioning
1245 convert UTIL_TrimRight/TrimLeft to use std string internally (#121)
1244 Use clang-14 to work around a PLT/GOT bug.
1243 Fix build
1242 Merge branch 'master' of
1240 S2: rework GameInit/LevelInit/LevelShutdown flow to better match S1
1239 S2: set g_pFullFileSystem
1238 Clean up the SDK detection algorithm to fix hl2dm errors.
1237 Fix regression causing --sdks ambuild option to be ignored
1236 Fix regex backslash escaping in build script
1235 Fix minimal rebuilds on buildbot.
1234 Switch to C++17 (#128)
1233 Move to Python.
1232 Update manifests; statically link libstdc++ now.
1231 Update manifests.
1230 Switch to a manifest-based build model. (#131)
1229 Merge pull request #129 from GAMMACASE/sample_memoverride_fix
1227 Turn down macOS testing.
1226 Replace fscanf with faster parsing (#127)
1225 Trigger build for hl2sdk-cs2 update
1224 Merge pull request #123 from Kenzzer/s2_mm_plugin
1222 Merge pull request #122 from alliedmodders/psy/s2-linux-load-fix
1219 Fix Source2 linux packaging layout (#120)
1218 Merge pull request #119 from Wend4r/fix-linuxsteamrt64_load
1216 Merge pull request #116 from alliedmodders/🍿
1175 Ci update (#112)
1174 Actually fix build regression from #102
1173 Revert "Fix build regression from #102"
1172 Fix build regression from #102
1171 MCV: fix Linux tier0/vstdlib bin names
1170 Update MCV platform support. (#115)
1169 Fix sourcehook compilation warning (#106)
1168 Only load plugins that have executable extensions.
1167 Revert "add support for IServerPluginCallbacks v3 and v4"
1166 add support for IServerPluginCallbacks v3 and v4
1165 Add support for Military Conflict: Vietnam (#100)
1164 Update Github Action workflow versions
1163 Make PVKII also link against stdc++ for Linux (#98)
1162 Split PVKII into its own engine branch (#97)
1161 Trigger build for Blade/Insurgency SDK changes.
1160 Trigger build against hl2sdk-csgo changes.
1159 Fix helpers module path lookup on newer Perl versions.
1158 Trigger build against hl2sdk-csgo changes.
1157 Trigger build for Contagion hl2sdk update.
1156 Don't build SDKs that aren't present.
1155 Exclude mock from all SDKs.
1154 Fix hl2sdk-mock build.
1153 Disable hl2sdk-mock build until it builds without errors.
1152 On Linux Blade Symphony, link against server libs instead of client. (Fixes META_CONPRINT)
1151 Add support for hl2sdk-mock.
1150 Fix snapshot links in readme
1149 Switch to python3 for ambuild.
1148 Start using Github Actions (#83)
1147 Restore the frame pointer on Linux (#78)
1146 Enable Insurgency and Blade Symphony x64 builds (#77)
1145 Add existing appveyor yaml to tree.
1144 Roll version number.
1143 Merge pull request #66 from PlayBoy31/patch-1
1141 Fix for latest AMBuild API.
1140 Build x64 packages on Windows.
1139 Fix another arch use.
1138 Fix
1137 Fix BreakpadSymbols.
1136 Fix
1135 Merge pull request #71 from alliedmodders/amb22
1133 Merge pull request #69 from WildCard65/checkout-deps_fixes
1131 Fix detection of Blade Symphony on Windows x64 (#67)
1130 Fix lin/mac build
1129 Changes required for upcoming Blade Symphony update
1128 Trigger build for hl2sdk-csgo update
1127 Disable Dota 2 build until linking issues are fixed.
1126 Trigger build for hl2sdk-csgo update.
1125 Disable Dota 2 search path fixups until newer IFileSystem changes can be better reversed.
1124 Trigger build again.
1123 Trigger build.
1122 Merge pull request #57 from maximsmol/sample_mm_ambuild
1117 Fix XCode 10+ build issues (#55)
1116 Trigger build against hl2sdk-tf2 update.
1115 Merge pull request #52 from alliedmodders/warnings
1111 Disable de-virtualization in sh-tests for gcc-4.9+ (#53)
1110 Add additional test coverage to Travis-CI. (#50)
1109 Fix Dota build for hl2sdk-dota updates.
1108 Crank up SourceHook param count support from 17 to 20.
1107 Trigger build again for further Dota Linux SDK lib fixes.
1106 Trigger build for Dota Linux tier1 rebuild.
1105 Link mathlib on BMS now (for vec3_origin required by tier1 ConVar).
1104 Trigger build against hl2sdk-bms update.
1103 Normalize paths when comparing. (fixes #37). (#38)
1102 Re-enable Dota 2 Linux x64 build.
1101 Disable 64-bit Linux dota build for now.
1100 64-bit support for CSGO on Linux and macOS (#35)
1099 Split Day of Infamy to separate engine build (#36)
1098 Fix linking errors with some compilers when MM:S plugins call function in tier1 interface.h. (#34)
1097 Trigger build for hl2sdk-insurgency update.
1096 Trigger build.
1095 Fix loading on Source SDK 2013 mods.
1094 Add generation of mmsource-latest download.
1093 Reenable symbol upload for Mac.
1092 Merge pull request #33 from alliedmodders/fix-symbols
1090 Disable symbol upload on Mac until symbol dumping is fixed.
1089 More Clang compiler flag fixups.
1088 Hopefully last bit of fixups for Linux and Mac build.
1087 Hello ambuild 2.1.
1086 Fix bad compiler flag checks from bad merge.
1085 Really fix build.
1084 Maybe fix build.
1083 Force build for hl2sdk-csgo update.
1082 Fix compilation on VS 2015+
1081 Merge pull request #31 from alliedmodders/S2
1034 🐍
1033 Fix more issues compiling on GCC 5+.
1032 Fix loader's CreateInterface not being exported with GCC 5 and later.
1031 Update loader for BM:S again.
1030 Nuke core-legacy - MM:S v1.4 API. (#29)
1029 Merge pull request #28 from MrWaggel/master
1026 Merge pull request #27 from alliedmodders/64bit-fs-support
1024 Update TravisCI build to use Clang 3.7.
1023 Fix build on newer compiler versions.
1022 Copy recent Breakpad dump support script changes from SourceMod.
1021 Enable the newly-added --breakpad-dump for our automated builds.
1020 Merge pull request #15 from alliedmodders/symbol-upload
1018 Trigger build
1017 Upload loader for Black Mesa engine changes.
1016 Merge pull request #26 from alliedmodders/tl-5
1013 Fix Insurgency build on Linux for SDK changes.
1012 Merge branch 'tl-4'
1009 Merge pull request #24 from alliedmodders/tl-3
1003 Merge pull request #23 from alliedmodders/tl-2
1000 Merge pull request #22 from alliedmodders/tl
998 Merge pull request #21 from alliedmodders/fix-vphook-test
996 Merge pull request #19 from alliedmodders/fix-sh-tests
994 Merge pull request #20 from alliedmodders/new-travis
992 Merge pull request #18 from alliedmodders/rip-s1dota
990 Fix recent regression with finding engine ptr on CS:S, DoD:S, HL2:DM.
989 Merge pull request #17 from alliedmodders/shim-noshim
987 Fix failing to load as VSP is GameDLL iface version >= 10.
986 Fix detection on TF2-branch games after recent updates.
985 Trigger build.
984 Trigger Build.
983 Trigger Build
982 Merge pull request #16 from alliedmodders/more-version-cleanup
980 Merge branch 'travis'
978 AMBuildScript fixes for Black Mesa that didn't get committed when making PR.
977 Merge branch 'bms-support'
975 Merge pull request #14 from alliedmodders/bms-support
973 More probably fix build on Clang.
972 Merge branch 'master' of
966 Probably fix build on Clang.
965 Really fix build.
964 Fix build.
963 Merge pull request #10 from alliedmodders/fix-vsgen-manualbuilds
961 Fix build.
960 Force build.
959 Merge pull request #9 from alliedmodders/nd-detect
957 Merge pull request #8 from KyleSanderson/metaiface
954 Remove /Zo on debug builds and add on release builds.
953 Add /Zo flag to msvc debug builds.
952 Trigger build for hl2sdk-tf2 changes.
951 Trigger build for hl2sdk-tf2 changes.
950 Link libstdc++ on CS:GO.
949 Revert "Branch fixes."
948 Revert "Hacks to correct linking."
947 Hacks to correct linking.
946 Branch fixes.
945 Trigger build.
944 Trigger build for hl2sdk-tf2 changes.
943 Fix Mac build.
942 Merge pull request #7 from alliedmodders/more-missing-game-param
939 Merge pull request #6 from alliedmodders/swarm-fix
937 Merge pull request #5 from alliedmodders/bug-6020
935 Merge pull request #4 from alliedmodders/ambuild-typo
933 Merge pull request #3 from alliedmodders/fix-build
931 Trigger build.
930 Merge pull request #2 from alliedmodders/git-build
927 Merge pull request #1 from alliedmodders/git-mv
922 Fix snapshots URL in readme.
921 Replace .hgignore with .gitignore.
920 Delete .hgtags
919 Create
918 Trigger build for hl2sdk-l4d changes.
917 Update for hl2sdk-l4d changes.
916 Add AMBuild build directories to hgignore.
915 Sync changes from SourceMod's bootstrap script.
914 Force reconfigures to happen every time.
913 Trigger build for hl2sdk-dota changes.
912 Trigger build for hl2sdk-csgo changes.
911 Update for hl2sdk-nd changes.
910 Add support for Contagion (bug 6006).
909 Enable SDK "COMPILER_*" defines for all builds (nobug, r=asherkin).
908 Trigger build.
907 Really fix Linux build.
906 Fix Linux build.
905 Attempt to fix uploading step of builds.
904 Trigger build.
903 Trigger build.
902 Add support for Dota 2 on Linux and Mac OS X (bug 6067, r=psychonic).
901 Make die if it fails to open a symbol directory (no bug, r=me).
900 Add -mmacosx-version-min=10.5 to compiler flags on OS X. (no bug, r=me).
899 Triggering build for OS X 10.9 VM.
898 Triggering build.
897 Improve automatic engine detection for some games (nobug, irc r=asherkin).
896 Update for latest AMBuild API (no bug, r=me).
895 Triggering a build.
894 Allow passing the compiler name to for AMB2 reconfigures (r=dvander).
893 Changes to pushbuild.txt now trigger a reconfigure (r=dvander).
892 Triggering a build.
891 Triggering build.
890 Trigger build.
889 Trigger build.
888 Extract version info into a static library to speed up builds (bug 5990, r=ds).
887 Trigger build.
886 Fix dependency graph.
885 Push build.
884 Push build.
883 Push build.
882 Push build.
881 Fix configuring on gcc-4.4.
880 Push build.
879 Python 2.6 support for
878 Remove unused sentinel file.
877 Push build.
876 More bad reconf detection.
875 Fix versioning script on Python 3.
874 Disable console colors on buildbot.
873 Use correct command.
872 De-hardcode Python 3.
871 Upgrade build scripts to AMBuild 2 (bug 5970, r=ds).
870 Fix linux build.
869 Update Insurgency detection to not rely on -game parameter.
868 Fix regression in engine detection for some cases (bug 5963, r=asherkin).
867 Trigger build.
866 Trigger build. Seventh time's a charm.
865 Link iconv on Mac for SDK 2013 as required by its tier1.
864 Trigger build for greater justice.
863 Trigger build for great justice.
862 Trigger build.
861 Trigger build.
860 Trigger build.
859 Add support for Insurgency (bug 5950, r=asherkin).
858 Add support for Blade Symphony (bug 5948, r=asherkin).
857 Add support for Source SDK Base 2013 (bug 5916, r=asherkin).
856 Fixed MetamodVersionInfo::GetGameDir always returning NULL or garbage.
855 Rolling version.
854 Triggering build.
853 Triggering build.
852 Triggering build.
851 Split TF2, DoD:S, HL2:DM, and ND to separate binaries (bug 5667, r=asherkin).
850 Updated for latest hl2sdk-dota changes.
849 Fixed NULL conversion warning in loader.
848 Define POSIX and GNUC when compiling for any build on linux/mac.
847 Updated makefiles.
846 Updated ambuild script for new l4d2 library names.
845 Triggering build to fix clang 3.3 build.
844 Triggering build to test clang 3.3.
843 Updated Dota detection.
842 Triggering build to test buildbot.
841 Triggering build to test buildbot.
840 Updated for latest hl2sdk-dota changes.
839 Don't omit frame pointer on msvc builds.
838 Merge.
836 Triggering a build.
835 Triggering a build.
834 Build fixes for recent hl2sdk-dota updates.
833 Merge.
831 Added basic VDF file for easier installation (bug 5681, r=dvander).
830 Triggering build.
829 Triggering build.
828 Triggering build.
827 Triggering build.
826 Triggering build.
825 Triggering build.
824 Merge.
822 Triggering build.
821 Removed loader's reliance on tier0 by manually parsing command line for -game (bug 5674, r=DS).
820 Fixed typo in AMBuild script causing Dota 2 bin to not attempt to build.
819 Added support for Dota 2 (bug 5640).
818 Updated for CS:S sync (r=asherkin).
817 Triggering build.
816 Removed usermessage api support for CS:GO (bug 5578, r=asherkin).
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