ISmmPlugin Member List

This is the complete list of members for ISmmPlugin, including all inherited members.

AllPluginsLoaded()ISmmPlugin [inline, virtual]
GetApiVersion()ISmmPlugin [inline, virtual]
GetAuthor()=0ISmmPlugin [pure virtual]
GetDate()=0ISmmPlugin [pure virtual]
GetDescription()=0ISmmPlugin [pure virtual]
GetLicense()=0ISmmPlugin [pure virtual]
GetLogTag()=0ISmmPlugin [pure virtual]
GetName()=0ISmmPlugin [pure virtual]
GetURL()=0ISmmPlugin [pure virtual]
GetVersion()=0ISmmPlugin [pure virtual]
Load(PluginId id, ISmmAPI *ismm, char *error, size_t maxlength, bool late)=0ISmmPlugin [pure virtual]
Pause(char *error, size_t maxlen)ISmmPlugin [inline, virtual]
QueryRunning(char *error, size_t maxlen)ISmmPlugin [inline, virtual]
Unload(char *error, size_t maxlen)ISmmPlugin [inline, virtual]
Unpause(char *error, size_t maxlen)ISmmPlugin [inline, virtual]
~ISmmPlugin()ISmmPlugin [inline, virtual]

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